Introducing & Navigating The New AdWords Experience

You might not be aware of this, but Google has been trialling a new AdWords experience (or User Interface) for some months now.

You can learn more here:

Up until now, it’s been optional, and I have to be very honest and say I have resisted learning how to use it (after 13+ years with the existing platform, it’s INCREDIBLY difficult to switch to something totally new)…

However, apparently we’re all going to be forced to make the switch in July 2018, so I have bitten the bullet and have started using it.

More importantly, I have started updating my REIWA course to focus on the new look and experience. I’ll be training on the new interface in all classes moving forward.

AND, most importantly! I have been recording my entire REIWA course to go online, and all the AdWords content in it is of the NEW interface! 🙂

More to follow on that subject soon.

In the meantime, here’s a selection of videos from Google about the new AdWords experience. Enjoy.

Landing page performance in the new AdWords experience

Set up Universal App campaigns in the new AdWords experience

How to navigate the new AdWords experience

Get performance overviews in the new AdWords experience

How to customize tables and charts in the new AdWords experience

How extensions create value

Boost your ad with extensions in the new AdWords experience

Create multiple ad groups and ads in the new AdWords experience

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