The #1 Reason For Success Or Failure In Real Estate

Earlier today I asked a local real estate agent about how things were going for her.

This agent then proceeded to spend 20 minutes complaining to me about everything that was wrong with the industry.

She told me:

  • The local (Perth) market was “in recession.”
  • That Perth was too small to sell real estate in.
  • That buyers were negotiating too hard and vendors weren’t willing to sell at these reduced prices.
  • That Melbourne was a much better market to be selling in than Perth.
  • That outside of Australia (particularly in Asia) was a much better market to be selling in than Perth.
  • That the Return On Investment for a rental property was too low compared to that in Asia.
  • She even complained that if Donald Trump become the US President, he’d start World War 3!
  • When I told her some other agents I had recently spoken to said that things had not been better for years, she laughed and told me they were BS’ing me!

For 20 minutes, she had nothing good to say about her industry and her local market, and by the end of our phone call, I was exhausted, listening to her complaints.

My prevailing thought at the end of our call was “If she was selling my property, I’d be scared – VERY scared – that she wasn’t going to give 110% effort in trying to get the price I wanted.”

No wonder things seemed so tough to her – her attitude was shocking!

She had what’s been called Stinkin’ Thinkin’ – and that was totally dominating her results and attitude.

Now, I have never been a real estate agent, but I have had many years of sales experience before getting into Marketing, and there’s one thing I can GUARANTEE you:

Your results will be directly proportional to your attitude

In other words, if you think the market stinks, your sales will stink. And, if you think the market is great, your sales will be great.

Your attitude directly impacts on your clients and prospects. If you’re positive and upbeat, they’ll be positive and upbeat.

If you have a great attitude, you’ll think outside the box when things are tough. You’ll work harder to get that deal over the line, even when everyone else has quit, because they think it can’t be done.

A positive, can-do attitude will ensure you go the extra mile needed to get that sale, and it also means you’re much more willing to try new things, experiment with new ideas, look to reinvent yourself to be closer to what the market wants, rather than coasting along on the back of the mining boom (for example.)

By the way, when some people hear “positive attitude” and “upbeat,” they think it means being Pollyanna positive about things.

No! This is NOT what I mean. Pollyanna thinking (what most people would call wishful thinking) is delusion, not reality, and won’t get you the success you want.

Instead of wishful thinking, try POSSIBILITY thinking.

Possibility thinking means you are willing to expand your horizons, step outside your existing boundaries and try things you might not have tried before.

Sometimes it means you need to sharpen the sword that is your sales and negotiation skills. If you are a better, more skilled sales person, you will usually outperform those who are not as good as you.

It might mean you need to develop some new skills, such as becoming more internet-savvy.

If others agents have a basic Facebook page set up to promote themselves, you need to go one or 2 levels higher and become an expert on how to get the best out of Facebook (because MOST agents only use 5% of what can be done with Facebook and then wonder why it doesn’t work for them.)

Maybe you need to set up your own website to help promote yourself as an agent, instead of just relying on your employer’s site.

Maybe you need to be doing your own marketing, even if it means you have to pay out of your own pocket for leads.

Long version short – the ONLY way to be successful in a down market is to be unwilling to buy into the negativity AND combine this with working SMARTER and HARDER than your competitors.

Remember: the race doesn’t go to the fastest, it goes to the person who’s still there at the finish line when everyone else has quit before you.

Think marathon, not sprint, and just keep going.

Johnny-Isakson-US-senator-206x206Real estate sales was perfect training for the experience to go into public life because you learn to accept rejection, learn to meet new people, learn to work with people and find common ground. That’s the way you sell houses… that’s also the way you win over constituency.


Johnny Isakson – US Senator, Former Real Estate Company President for 22 Years

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