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Hey, Real Estate Professionals, if you’re actually spending money on this stuff at the moment – this is junk mail to go into people’s mailboxes to get listing leads and help sell properties, then hang on to your hats, because I’ve got something for you to think about as an alternative.

Hi, it’s Eran Malloch from here and today I just want to talk to you about the whole idea of something that a lot of people still do in the industry, and that’s this stuff.

If you’re not in Perth listening to this, I live in a small Perth suburb called Innaloo. Everyday I get something in my mailbox like this. Some days I get five of these at once.

I live literally next door to a real estate agency, so if I need a real estate agent, I can walk like five metres that way and get one.

But anyway, so there’s a lot of you out there that are still doing this stuff, and I guess the idea behind it is that you want to get your brand name out there, and if you consistently put this stuff out, they might remember you, and you know, fingers crossed, they might stick one of these on the fridge and call you if it’s a calendar or something like that.

Now, for those of you who have done my REIWA Real Estate Digital Marketing Course, you’ll know that I’m the weird guy who collects junk mail, real estate junk mail, so there’s a folder full of it here. Literally hundreds of these things, a lot of this big chunk of, I don’t know, 50 or 60 of these things that I’ve been collecting for a little while.

I want to talk to you about number one, how effective they are, because the feedback I’ve got, I always ask this question in my course, you know, who does it, who does junk mail like this, and how effective it is, and there’s still a decent number of people that do it, whether it’s individual agents or an agency doing it for the whole agency.

In general, it’s pretty rare for someone to say, it worked great, I want to do more of it, let me spend my money on it kind of thing.

I guess the reason is number one, when it turns up, it’s usually bundled in with a whole pile of catalogues rolled inside the local newspaper, and you know as well as I do, most people sort their mail over the bin, so they open the mailbox, pull it out, hmm, junk mail, straight in the bin, oh, there’s a letter. It’s usually a bill, okay.

So that’s one of the problems with using this stuff.

Now look, there’s no denying it can work at the right place at the right time. You’ve gotta be out there to be seen obviously, but here’s the thing, trying to get past that shoved-in-with-all-the-other-catalogs issue, the ways to deal with that is you have to either have someone deliver it separately from all of the other junk mail, so it ends up in there at a separate time, and that’s one option, but obviously that raises the price.

The other option is to actually take your flyer and stick it in an envelope and shove that in the mailbox. It stands out a little bit more. The better option again is if you can stick your flyer in the envelope and hand-write the homeowner’s name on it. Almost like sending individual direct mail to people like we used to do in the old days.

Now, that is probably, if you looked at all of those options that’s probably the one that would actually be the most effective.

If you could hand write the name and address of the homeowner and stick that in there and send it to them. Chances are, they’re gonna open it and they’re gonna read.

Now they might still throw it in the bin, but if you give them good value, and you stay in front of them, you will get a better result.

The problem with that is the cost. What’s a stamp these days, at least a dollar I think? Then the envelope, then the time to stuff the flyer in the envelope and hand write them and all that kind of stuff. And it gets pretty expensive, so what I want to do is if your farm is let’s say 1,000 homes for example or 500 homes or whatever, you’re talking at least a dollar, probably a dollar fifty per home by the time you pay for the printing of the flyer, the envelope, the stamp, and then if you take account, time we count to do it, it’s probably two bucks a letter by that stage.

So if you’ve got 1,000 homes in your patch, then that’s $2,000 to it. It’s not something you can do every month, well, most, I don’t know any agents that can do that every month.

It’s just not cost effective, and the chances of getting a return on it are pretty low.

So I wanted to talk to you about the idea of something different.

So let’s say you were doing this. You were sticking letters in an envelope, hand addressing them, and shipping them out to people. And let’s just say that you spent, you didn’t have a big budget, maybe you didn’t have a big market, but you spend $100 a month, that’s all.

So if we’re talking two bucks a letter, you’re sending out 50 letters. Now you know as well as I do that 50 letters is not gonna make much difference, but work with me on this one.

So over the year, you’re gonna spend $1,200 in terms of hard costs and time basically. Now what else could you do with that $1,200?

So the thing that I always talk about, and I want to suggest as an option is using Facebook ads, but most particularly, using Facebook ads to promote video content.

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So why that?

Well, number one, Facebook is a much easier avenue for you to get in front of people. They don’t get delivered in the bunch of newspapers and go straight into the bin.

If they’ve got a phone and/or a computer or a laptop or a tablet, you can get in front of them, because the vast majority of people out there do have a Facebook account.

So if you had $1,200 to spend over a year in Facebook, what would you get for that? So at the moment, the cost in Facebook to reach a person, look, it varies, and this number may be completely wrong in six months or three months or whatever, but you’re probably looking around about the $20 mark to get your ad in front of 1,000 people.

That doesn’t mean to say they click on the ad, just as they’re scrolling through the newsfeed, mostly on their phone, probably, they’re gonna see your video ad.

Okay, so if you’ve got $1,200 to spend, and it’s 20 bucks per 1,000, that means that for the $1,200 you could get in front of 60,000 people.

That number may not be completely accurate, but it’ll do.

Now, your farm may not be 60,000 people, okay. But if your farm was 1,000 people, then that means you can get in front of 1,000 people 60 times in a year. And the beauty with Facebook ads is that if they stop and actually watch your video, if they click on it, if they click the like, if they share, any of those kind of things, you can actually measure that.

When this [flyer] stuff goes out, you don’t know if it goes in the bin or on the fridge or what it is. 99% of the time, it goes in the bin. I can guarantee it.

You don’t know. All you can do is keep your fingers crossed and hope that somebody calls you back three or six months later and says, “Oh, I’ve had your flyer, can you come talk to me?”

With Facebook video ads, you can actually measure just about everything that happens.

So if someone clicks a like on your video ad, and they share it, or they post a comment or they ask a question, that engagement means that somebody’s liking it, they’re interested in it. It’s a message that they want to receive.

You could do 1,000 people 60 times, so 60 videos over a year of you being out there as the local real estate professional, talking about the market out there, talking about the homes that are selling, tips on how to prepare your home for sale, tips on how to buy homes, tips on interest rates going up or going down.

Talking about local news – for example – if there’s some sort of school carnival out there, just you telling them, hey, ABC school’s got a sports carnival this Saturday, get along there. We’ll be doing a Sausage Sizzle or something like that. Just getting to see your name and your face out there.

And if you were to do that, I guarantee you, in 12 months time with that 1,200 bucks you just spent, your brand name recognition and the number of people that would be coming back to you asking to talk to you about real estate would be massively higher than the idea of sending this [flyer junk] out.

Now even if you’re just sending the cheap flyers out without hand addressing them, so it might cost you a couple of hundred dollars to send 500 of them, you’ll still get a better result doing it this way.

So, how do you record the video?

Get on the phone. Every single smart phone has a camera these days. And the microphone’s built in. If you want to go out and buy a microphone, you can. You don’t need to get anything too exorbitant. Most phones will have like, you can buy a phone that will plug into like a wireless microphone, one of those they call them a lavalier microphone. You can pick one of those up, a decent one for 50 bucks or less, and get out there and do it.

Go buy yourself a tripod. They cost borderline $50. And you can get tripod attachment clips for phones. My phone’s quite a big phone, so I need a bigger than normal clip, but if you’ve got a smaller one that this, this is a six inch phone, then it’s much easier for you to get ahold of those clips.

For 100 bucks, you’ve got your phone, well you’ve got your phone already, but for 100 bucks you’ve got your microphone, you’ve got your tripod, and you’ve probably got a clip in there somewhere to hold it. And you can be out there shooting video content, so if you’ve got 60 videos a year, divided by 12, you could do, if my math is correct, and done on the fly, you could do five videos a month, and you would just spend your 1,200 bucks promoting those videos out to your 1,000 audience or your 500 or your 2,000, whatever it is.

As I said, I guarantee you, within 12 months, you would be the brand name in your market when it came to real estate.

You’d be crazy not to do it.

It’s a much, much better use of your money.

And for those of you individual agents, maybe you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your own marketing, who can’t afford $100 a month?

If you can’t afford $100 a month, you probably have other issues to worry about, I suspect.

Don’t have coffee for a month, and then you could afford it, but just get out there and do that.

In terms of how to edit the videos, if we go to, I’ll just quickly zip over to YouTube and I’ll show you a video clip I’ve got there which will show you how to do the video editing with a free app, so hang on a sec.

Okay, so if you go back to YouTube, and do a search for and then click on my channel, and that’s the logo there.

You’ll actually find this particular video called Adobe Premier Clip Android Video Editing Demonstration on a Samsung phone.

So this is a free piece of software called Adobe Premier Clip, which you can download as well for Android and for iPhone, so both options are available. Just do a Google search for it, and you’ll find it and download it.

And this video is a start to finish on how to do editing.

You don’t need anything complicated. You can do this on your phone or your tablet. You just need to get out there and do it.

This is my most popular video by a long shot. It’s had 23 and a half, almost 23 and a half thousand views. So obviously it’s a topic that people are really interested in.

So anyway, if you want to find it, just search for Adobe Premier Clip Android Video Editing Demonstration or search for my website and get out there and use it.

Now those of you with iPhones, there’s also iMovie. I’m an Android user, so I don’t have iMovie, but I believe it’s a good app. I don’t know if it’s free anymore, or whether you have to pay for it, but from what I’ve seen of it in the past, it’s a pretty good app.

I can guarantee you, if you search [YouTube], if you’ve got iMovie, and you just do “iMovie tutorial” and you’ll find five zillion videos with how to use iMovie.

So maybe see iMovie for iPhone [or ipad?] just to be precise so it’s not for the PC, so video editing in iPhone. There’s a heap of tutorials there that you can learn how to use it.

So either one, whether you use Adobe Clip or whether you use iMovie, or whether you use something else it doesn’t really matter to me.

Just use it, so that’s it, ladies and gents. I hope you found that little discussion helpful.

Please, stop wasting your money on this stuff. Seriously, this is so 1985, you know.

If you are not getting the return you want and/or the return is too slow with this, then go the alternative option. You know, I’ve given you a $1,200 solution for a year’s worth of marketing that just about any agent could do. And you just have to get out there, shoot some video, publish it and use Facebook to promote it.

For those of you who have not used Facebook ads before, they’ve got a, actually I’ll jump in and show you a sec, hang on a sec.

So just go on into Facebook ads manager, and if you go here, under campaigns and click the green button, and you’ll see here in objective, there’s an option for video views.

If you click that, and then go down and name the campaign and continue, you’re gonna get started actually creating the video, and that’s a campaign type you might want to use to get your video ads out there so people see them.

Want to learn HOW the professionals generate leads online in real estate? Check out “Digital Marketing for Real Estate Professionals” – the best selling training program for agents in WA.

Join nearly 400 students in learning the basics of marketing yourself only with Facebook & Google ads, plus the strategies and tactics that actually work. Taught by 13.5 year digital marketing professional who has managed in excess of $15-$20 Million of ad spend over Google, Facebook and most other online ad platforms for big and small clients.

So that’s it for me. I hope you found that useful.

Get out there and do it, and hey, if you get some videos up and running, send me a link to them, let me know how you go with them. I’d love to see what they look like. All right, have a great day. I’ll speak to you again another time. Bye.

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