How To Build Your Own Real Estate Website For As Little as $5.45 Per Month

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Hello Real Estate Sales Professional & welcome.

I’m Eran Malloch and if you don’t already know me, I own this website and work with agents all across Australia helping them with their real estate marketing.

If you have always wanted your own real estate website but felt like you couldn’t afford it, then you’ve come to the right place on the internet!

EVERY real estate sales professional (both in sales & PM) should have their own website. Used correctly, it can become your #1 marketing tool in time.

However, the cost & technology complexity are usually the 2 main reasons agents don’t get their own website, and that’s what I’m here to solve right now!

While I do build websites for clients and charge for that service, in many cases my potential clients can’t afford a full professionally designed site AND they often just need a simple, basic site to get started, and then they can look at investing more down the track once the basic starter site has made them some money upfront.

Since website design is not a key element of my business, I decided to essentially give away the “secrets” to building your own real estate website, and that’s what this page is all about.

I’ve added 2 videos below to help you get started. The first one is a great introduction to buying a domain name which you WILL need to do BEFORE building your website.

After you have watched this video, check out the second video with contains instructions on how to set up your new WordPress website in my preferred hosting provider Siteground.

Check out my recommended website hosting provider by clicking this banner. The setup instructions are all built around using their service.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

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