Authority Agent Academy Week 3: Introduction To Content Creation


Welcome to week three of Authority Agent Academy: content creation. And this is exciting. We’re about to get started creating content after actually talking about it for two weeks. So before we drill in, I just want to quickly show you two quotes from some pretty famous marketers and quote number one is this from Seth Goden.

Now, if you don’t know who he is, Google him, he’s super famous. Had a lot of involvement Yahoo in the early days, and I like what Seth says here. Content marketing is the only marketing left. Now, hopefully by now, you’re starting to realize that there’s probably some truth to this after reading Youtility for real estate and looking at keyword research and understanding why we’re going to do that, but just think about it as the only marketing left.

And the second one is from my old friend, Gary Vaynerchuk, and really these drills down on to Y. And what he’s saying is whether you like it or not, every person is now a media company. The tools are easy, free, and they’re everywhere. More importantly, producing content is now the baseline for brands and companies.

It doesn’t matter what kind of industry all pride in. If you’re not producing content, you basically don’t exist. So what’s your excuse. And I totally agree with Gary. I think he’s one of the leaders in the spice. If you’ve never heard of him before go and do a Google search for him, an amazing guy does some amazing stuff.

Has one of the biggest social media agencies in the world. So I think he probably knows a little bit about what he’s talking about. So anyway, moving on, I also love what Tom panel says about marketing, and he says that marketing is about getting noticed. Sales is about closing you. Won’t be sitting at a table, closing your listing unless you get noticed first.

And that’s really a key element here because I probably can’t make you a bit of sales person. But by God, I can sure make your better marketer. And if you get noticed more often, you’re going to get called in into more listings. And even if you stay at the same level of sales skills you got, now you will close more deals.

So this is why marketing is so important. It’s why you’ve, if there’s X number of people in your market that are looking to buy or sell a house. And you’re currently getting in front of 1% of them and we triple or double or quadruple that, or whatever the case may be. Your numbers are just going to go up as a consequence of it.

So everything you do in the authority agent Academy is about getting noticed. So they will call you in to see if you can sell the house, although we’ll call you and discuss buying a house. Now back on the old days, Agents we’re the conduit between buyers and the homes. And without the agent, the public couldn’t find the homes.

There was no real well the internet existed, but practically nobody used it back then. And nor could they easily find data on comparable home sales in the area, et cetera. So everything the buying and the selling relied on the agent, dang part, remember, this is the way they did it, pack it in the past. I bought a house under these circumstances.

But then this is what you do nowadays. It’s, you know, it’s all about the online world. It’s the real dot I use the dot I use. If you’re from the States, it’s the or the or whatever. There’s just so many things there where in the 21st century, now the internet has changed that whether you like it or not, in some respects, you as a real estate agent are much less essential to the entire process.

He, his boss can go online 24 seven and look at almost every home for sale in Australia on portal sites like REI, for example, I can find comparable sales data manually for multiple sites, or if they pay a small fee to someone like call logic slash RP data, they can get all the info they want. Now they don’t engage with you until they actually want to look at the house in person.

And it’s a hassle it’s been shortlisted by them. Not like the old days when I had to go looking for a house. You had to look up the listing in the newspaper ,you had to ring the agent, jumping backwards and forwards. They had to ring the agent. You had to go to the home open and you had to visit everything that was in your range price and or location.

I went through this back in 2001, and that was a nightmare back then. I remember for several months we spent all of our weekends driving around town, attending home opens was painful and slow and it was almost guaranteed to put you off ever buying a house, let alone doing it again. Oftentimes you’d walk into our house and turn around and walk out straight away again, 30 seconds later, because you knew in an instant, it wasn’t what you wanted.

Talk about wasting a lot of time. And eventually we found one. We liked, we put in an offer naturally. Yeah, it was rejected. We counter offered and eventually we did the deal and the real estate agent controlled everything about that process. Back then. But nowadays you’re missing from most of the process.

And as Tom Panos says, you won’t be sitting at a table closing unless you get noticed. So the whole reason for creating content is to get noticed. And hopefully it should be obvious by now that a large part of getting noticed via the internet, which is where you’re going to be publishing your content.

And before we move on, let’s just look quickly at this last one. You. Australian agents are probably familiar with some of these sites. Now they spring up, these are lead generation sites that I’m gonna run ads on Facebook and Google generate leads for people looking for a real estate agent. And they on-sell those leads to you.

This is a growing segment of the market as well. So, you know, just the portal sites by themselves are not the only option. But these kinds of sites are becoming more and more common. As people see them work, as people will see them. Advertising online. So let’s dig into week three, content creation. .

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