Shoot Your Own Listing Videos With Your Smartphone

Every single agent carries around a video camera, editing studio and marketing MACHINE in their smartphone.

Whether you’re still struggling along with an ancient iPhone 4 or an early-model Samsung Galaxy Droid phone or you have the newest, bestest, hottest phone on the market, you have amazing power in your hands that wasn’t available 10 years ago.

AND, if you’re not using it effectively, you are just plain wasting the huge opportunity that is still available for ALL real estate sales people.

Get in front of the video camera and start communicating with your prospects, clients, fans and future clients.

Video is so powerful, because it puts a face to a name, it allows you to show your personality, it is the most powerful medium available for communication in this age, and EVERYONE knows how to consume it.

Sure, you might be scared to get in front of the camera. I get that. We ALL start from zero, and we want it to be perfect and not have us look like fools, but in all honesty, the ONLY way to get good at video is practise.

Shoot as many of them as possible, and I promise you the quality AND effectiveness of your presentation will improve in time. You just need to be willing to start out being bad at something before you can become good at it.

And the great news is that as you get better, you can start deleting your poor videos from YouTube and replacing them with your good videos.

If you watch the demo listing video I have added above, you can see it’s not perfect.

The audio is pretty rough, what with the sound of the wind overpowering what Patrick Gillis (the agent) says, and he fades out the sound track too slowly for his speaking part inside the property.

The image quality isn’t fantastic either. Lighting’s a bit average, etc.

HOWEVER, here’s the key thing I want  you to take away from this example video.

Patrick actually shot it and put it up on YouTube!

He. Took. ACTION!

And you can and should be doing the same as well.

By the way, you might be wondering how he edited it up. Do a search in your app store (whether Apple or Google Play) for video editing apps. There’s HEAPS of good ones that are free or very low cost and you can do some of the editing (maybe all you need for a gorilla marketing style series of videos) on your phone.

You do NOT need to be a guru video editor at all. The basics are very easy to learn and a few searches on YouTube will give you plenty of free tutorials.

One service to check out is Magisto. They have apps for Android, iOS (Apple) & Windows smartphones, and a cool service that’s ideal for real estate agents.

Magisto promotes themselves as the video service that doesn’t require editing. Most of it is automated with their software and you just get to choose which clips to use, which photos, add a logo (paid option) and some text on specific clips. It then does all the work for you, including providing backing music options. It’s very cool.

Check them out here:

They’ve got a limited free trial version of Magisto, but for only $120/year, you get all these Premium goodies from them:

  • Add your logo and captions
  • Edit and reorder scenes
  • Unique Business Styles
  • Commercially licensed music
  • Create longer movies
  • HD movie downloads

Magisto for Business offers all of the features that Magisto Premium offers, in addition to the ability to download HD versions of Movies created with HD footage. Business users can also upload more photos and videos to create each Movie (up to 60 videos totaling up to 30 minutes and 60 photos can be added to one Movie). The longest a Movie can be with either subscription is 2 and a half minutes. There is also the added ability of having your Business logo appear through out the Movie.

To upload a Magisto video to YouTube: Pressing the ‘Share’ button on the movie page and then the ‘YouTube’ button should export your movie to YouTube. You can also go to the app settings and under YouTube click on ‘Add’ and you should be directed to sign in and connect your YouTube account.

OK Real Estate Professionals. No excuses, get out there and start shooting video TOMORROW. You will thank me for this once you get your first lead from YouTube and once you get your first sale, no thanks are necessary. Just send money! 🙂

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