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How to Get More Real Estate Leads With Facebook Advertising

Reach over 17 Million monthly active Australian Facebook users with highly targeted online advertising that finds sellers & buyers.

The big difference between Facebook Advertising & other options such as letterbox drops, print, TV/Radio - even portal sites like or REIWA - is that it allows you to show your ads to just the right people. Instead of the "spray & pray" model that most real estate advertising uses, on Facebook, you'll only pay to target your advertising to the exact people you'd like to connect with. Targeting your advertising helps you save money, drive increased engagement with your brand and properties, generate more leads and ultimately sell more homes!

Target By Geographic Location

With Facebook Ads, you can target a small farm area or a whole city, state or country. This ensures your ads only get seen by people who are located where you want them to be located. Perfect for targeting potential sellers in your local suburbs, or potential buyers in other states or even foreign countries! Your choice...

Target By Demographics

Instead of blindly spraying your Facebook Ads all over the place, you can drill down and target prospective buyers and sellers by demographics such as Age, Gender, Marital Status, Number & Ages of Children, Level of Affluence, even Homeowners & Renters. Any and all of these targeting options helps find the very best prospects for your advertising, which saves money and increases lead generation.

Target by Interests

If your ideal clients can be found based on topics they are interested in, then this Facebook Ads option will be very powerful. Whether you want to find golfers to show a property for sale near a golf course, or promote a green lifestyle home to someone who is passionate about sustainable living, there are MANY options available to help you find the RIGHT prospective buyer or seller.

Target By Behaviours

With Behavioural targeting, Facebook Ads can help you get in front of home owners based on the value of their existing home,  amongst other options. This is perfect for targeting potential vendors based on the estimated value of their home, as one simple example. Behaviours are constructed from both someone's activity on Facebook and from Facebook's trusted third-party Big Data partners (Quantium, Acxiom and Experian.)

Targeting Past Prospects & Clients

One of the most powerful targeting options on Facebook Ads is the ability to upload a list of email addresses &/or mobile numbers of past prospects and clients and show your ads to them. Custom Audiences targeting lets you get back in front of past contacts and show them why they should list with you and/or buy a new property you are listing. Don't give up on them just because they didn't buy or list with you in the past. Renew the relationship and have a second (or 3rd or even 4th) bite of the cherry.

About Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is Australia's most targeted digital advertising network, offering a wide variety of ad types that can speak to your ideal prospects. Whether you're trying to find new vendors to list with you or generate buzz around a home open, or keep prospects up to date on your property listings, Facebook has an ad option to suit your needs.