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How to Get More Real Estate Leads With Google AdWords Advertising

Reach Millions of monthly active Google searchers with highly targeted online advertising that finds sellers & buyers.

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Real Estate Australia Quarterly Update (October 2015) – Google

Google Search Queries grew by 16% in Q3 2015 in the Real Estate Category

Desktop queries grew by 3%, while Mobile queries grew by 44% and Tablet searches grew by 4% Year on Year in the same period

Everyone is intimately familiar with the Google search engine. Whenever we have a question, we “Google It” and find the answer quickly. And, when it comes to real estate, that’s where buyers and sellers start – with a search on Google. And if you’re not there as the answer to their question, chances are your competitors (including!) will be happy to take the enquiry in your place and go on to list or sell the property.

What if you could target clients online when they were actively in the market to sell or buy? Unlike shotgun-approach marketing avenues like letterbox drops, radio, online real estate portals and bus stop ads, Google AdWords allows precision advertising, reaching only those who are actively looking for specific services in their local area. It is best used in conjunction with effective branding and a “conversion-friendly” website (i.e. a website that excels at leading site visitors to contact you).

Precision Targeting

AdWords allows you to target searchers with scalpel-like precision. For example, you could target people looking to ’sell my house’ who search on mobile phones, only located within the northern suburbs of Perth, and only during the hours of 9am-5pm on weekdays if you so desired.

Instant Results

AdWords works on a ‘cost-per-click’ model – which means that as soon as you set up your account with Google, your ads can go live almost immediately. If you have a specific promotion, or a particular property to sell, you can have ads showing to active searchers within minutes.

100% Accountable

Unlike traditional marketing channels, digital advertising provides full transparency into exactly where your leads come from. AdWords allows you to see the exact search terms that a visitor used to find your ad; illustrates which ad message resonates best amongst your audience; which call-to-action leads to calls & enquiries; and allows you to test all of these things essentially in real-time.

Invaluable Feedback

In addition to generating leads, you can gain valuable insight into how your market thinks and acts. Are they searching for generic phrases like ‘Real Estate Agents’ or are they actually typing in ‘Sell my house in Subiaco’? You can see the exact phrasing and searches that your audience uses, as well as test various ad messaging and calls-to-action, and implement these learnings into your other marketing and sales activity for a boost in results.

Targeting Past Prospects & Clients

One of the most powerful targeting options on AdWords is the ability to show additional ad messages to people who have previously visited your website. Called Remarketing, this powerful ad tool allows you to keep following up a prospect with additional messaging designed to get them to know, like and trust you. Remarketing lets you get back in front of past visitors to your site and show them why they should list with you and/or buy a new property you are listing. Don’t give up on them just because they didn’t buy or list with you in the past. Renew the relationship and have a second (or 3rd or even 4th) bite of the cherry.

About Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Australia’s most popular digital advertising network, offering a wide variety of ad types that can speak to your ideal prospects. Whether you’re trying to find new vendors to list with you or generate buzz around a home open, or keep prospects up to date on your property listings, AdWords has an ad option to suit your needs.

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