Real Estate Marketing Consulting/Advice/Training

Struggling with your marketing and need expert advice, on an hour-by-hour basis?

Trying to get your ads or landing pages to work, but can’t afford to hire a marketing expert for $2K+ per month?

Want to train your staff (or yourself) in the basics of digital marketing, but can’t afford to put all of them through a full training program?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you’ve reached the right page on this website.

While I mostly work with clients spending a minimum of $2,000 + GST + ad spend per month, I also understand that not every agent who comes to my website looking for help has the budget to afford my monthly done-for-you services.

So, I also offer a limited number of hours (10) per month where clients can hire me by the hour, to help with your specific requirements.

Whether you just need an hour or 2 to help you get clarity around your existing marketing, or you have a team you want to receive a customised group training session around Facebook marketing, or even someone to coach you on an hour-by-hour basis as you work to improve your digital marketing skills, then this option is ideal for you.

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