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Getting Access to Facebook Advertising Partner Categories (Big Data)

If you’ve been through one of my REIWA “Digital Marketing for Real Estate Professionals” training days, you’ll remember I mentioned the 3 “big data” providers you should get your ad account connected with. Here in Australia, the 3 providers are: Acxiom, Experian & Quantium. They provide access to additional audiences you can target with your […]

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[Video] Introduction To Facebook Ad Images for Real Estate Agents

Guest Expert: Jeff Minnichbach from http://www.jeffminnichbach.com Interviewed by: Eran Malloch Transcript: Eran: Hi everyone, it’s Eran Malloch from RealEstateMarketing.net.au here, and today we have a guest speaker who is joining us all the way from where, Jeff? Jeff: Maryland in the US. Eran: Ah, good ol’ Maryland! Okay, so this is Jeff Minnichbach and I’ve […]

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