"Eran is one of the most respected and trusted people within the local Online Marketing industry in my opinion. He delivers on his promises, has good attention to detail, and has an excellent manner in dealing with clients. I will gladly recommend Eran many times over to anyone looking to engage his services." James Mawhinney - Managing Director at The Public Listing Co.

Get More Listings, Sell More Properties, Make More Commissions Selling Real Estate


Whether you're a principal, director, licensee or an agent wanting to get more listings, sell more properties and help your vendors make more profits (and increase your commissions), our lead generation systems operate 24x7 to make your phone ring more often.

Get potential vendors chasing you rather than you chasing them!

In Australia, Facebook has 14 Million monthly active users! Q3 2015

Go where other agents aren't playing. Facebook Advertising is the untapped opportunity for real estate lead generation in Australia. I specialise in helping you generate leads, increase home open attendance and creating buzz about a property using Facebook Ads.

According to Google, Real Estate search queries grew by 16% in Q3 2015!

Google AdWords is an grossly under-utilised Real Estate lead generation tool & with my 10+ years experience running AdWords campaigns for clients, I KNOW how to improve your return on investment with Google.

80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversions increase. – VB Insight (2015)

Marketing automation is our secret weapon for the Real Estate industry. With it, we can automatically capture cold leads and warm them up to strong, hot leads with very limited time input on your behalf. Get prospective customers to know, like and trust you 24 x 7 x 365!

What my past clients have to say:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Eran is one of the most respected and trusted people within the local Online Marketing industry in my opinion. He delivers on his promises, has good attention to detail, and has an excellent manner in dealing with clients. I will gladly recommend Eran many times over to anyone looking to engage his services.

James Mawhinney
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Eran is always the first person to give help or advice in helping businesses grow, as that is his passion. I would highly recommend working with Eran, if you need anything related to Websites or Digital Marketing, as he is not only experienced and successful in everything he does, but a really honest and good person to work with.

Sharney Ryan
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Eran has sound product knowledge and met with us on a regular basis to ensure online campaigns were tailored to produce prompt results. We have been extremely pleased with Eran's contributions to our business success. He is meticulous and provided us with a personal service and it is with confidence that we recommend Eran to any one who wishes to utilise his services.

Hilda Dhanaraj

Why speak to me?

According to a recent study by industry body REIA, median housing price increase rates are slowing down across the nation.  Home owners are less inclined to sell their homes as they fear they won't get the best price possible, or that it will take too long to sell.
That's why people rely on their local real estate agents to reassure them that they can get the best price for their home and in a short period - if their real estate agent is using the most effective, efficient and intelligent marketing channels to promote their clients' properties.
Want to learn what these intelligent marketing channels are?

More Customers 24/7


After 10 years in the digital marketing space, Eran Malloch was driven by frustration at the poor quality service, results and – in many cases – absolute lies told and sold to business owners when it comes to digital marketing, and decided to do things better and differently from day one. I only work with Real Estate “entrepreneurs” who want to improve their digital footprint, grow lead generation online, become an authority in their local market space and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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