Real Estate Lead Generation Book

You? A Published Author?

Yes, it’s true!

For far less than you might expect, you can have the credibility of being a published author of a book that helps brand and market you as an EXPERT real estate sales professional!

Publishing a book is still one of the best ways to brand and market yourself in almost any field, and real estate is no different to any other industry in that respect.

Just look at the success of US real estate celebrity Gary Keller. As cofounder and chairman of the board, he built Keller Williams Realty International from a single office in Austin, Texas, to the largest real estate franchising company in the United States by using his skills as teacher, trainer, and coach. And his book publishing efforts have helped cement his reputation within the industry as a leader and trend setter, which attracts some of the best real estate agents to the Keller Williams brand.

Then, here in Australia, some examples of successful real estate professionals using a book for lead generation purposes include (the infamous) Neil Jenman of the Jenman System and Selling Houses Australia’s Andrew Winter has just recently released his own book off the back of his successful TV series.

Imagine walking into a listing presentation and handing them a physical printed copy of your book, teaching them how to maximise the selling price of their home.

Do you think you might have some additional credibility in that scenario? Especially if none of your competitors has a book to help them stand out from the crowd.

Best of all, you don’t have to write it, lay the print out, manage all the artwork and printing. We do almost all the work (you just need to proof read it) and you get a real physical book in your hands to give away to prospective vendors as a lead generation tool.

Powerful Lead Generation Tool

The other – and LOT more effective – tactic to consider is to use your book as a lead generation tool to find prospective vendors.

You can use your own customised book to:

  • Offer as a free giveaway in your online advertising (on Facebook or Google)
  • Use your letterbox drops to promote the book instead of a (boring) free appraisal
  • Give copies to partners (such as a mortgage broker or handyman service) to give away for free to their clients
  • Give copies to your local newsagent or supermarket to sell (and they keep all the profits)
  • Sell copies at your home opens (only serious prospective vendors would pay for a copy, even if it was just $5!)

All of these options can get your book into prospective clients’ hands and turn into leads for YOU! You just need to use your imagination a little bit.

NOTE: With your custom book order, we also supply a FREE PDF version of your book which you can email to prospective clients, and also promote online as a free gift in return for capturing your prospect’s email address.

The Offer

Customised softcover paperback book for real estate lead generation. The book content is essentially a 30-day action plan teaching the reader how to stage their home to sell for maximum profits.

The package includes a 30-minute interview where we ask you (the agent) questions about the topics discussed in the book. This content is added to the book content to more closely customise it to your personality and past real estate industry experiences. We also include an introduction written by you, along with your contact details.

The “working” title of the book is “How To Sell Your Home For Maximum Profits” but we recommend it & the sub-title be changed to further personalise it to your brand and goals and to differentiate it from other versions in the market place.

Customisation also includes the image on the cover and the synopsis on the back. If you wish to have a specific image included (such as a photo of yourself), you will need to provide a high resolution (300dpi) version for us to use. Otherwise you can choose a photo from our preferred stock image library.

Note: ALL artwork you want added to the book must legally belong to you and you will need to sign a release stating you accept all legal responsibility for all artwork supplied & have written legal permission to use it in this book.

The book pages are printed in Black & White with your choice of 50# White Uncoated Text Paper (75 gsm) or 50# Cream Uncoated Text Paper (80 gsm) and are 13×20 cm in dimensions. The cover has a gloss finish & no cover flaps.

The print quality is best suited to books that contain mostly text and some limited line art.

Options to upgrade the paper quality and book dimensions are available for an additional cost. Please ask for a specific quote if required. We also supply a PDF version of the book for you to give away on your website, etc.

The book comes with an ISBN number which cannot be removed. However, you can replace it with another ISBN number if you already have your own.

Copyright: Note that the copyright to the book stays with me (Eran Malloch) but your name is on the book as the author. If you prefer, my name can be added as the author or as co-author below your name.


All book orders must include setup.

To customise your book, we have a setup process where we conduct an interview with you, add that content to the book, design your cover and provide a draft PDF version for you to proof.

Investment: $1,500 + GST

Note: Future re-order of books that don’t require any changes do NOT have to pay a further setup fee.

We also recommend you order and review/proof a single printed copy before approving your print run. This can be done for an additional $30 including GST & shipping. If required, this must be ordered when placing your book order.


Minimum quantity order is 100 books.

Pricing is $10/book for up-to a 150-page book, delivered to your nominated street address. More pages will increase the price. This price includes shipping your book order to you.

Note: All orders require an additional setup process and fee ($1500 + GST) as mentioned above.

Delivery Schedule:

Once your book has been prepared and sent to the printers, it will typically take 14 to 21 business days to print and deliver. This is not an exact timeframe as there are various factors involved which could increase the time to delivery. Please note that we don’t have a Rush option. There are no options to speed up the process.

Returns Policy:

If your book arrives damaged or with a manufacturing defect, we will replace it free of charge. Please let us know within 7 days of receipt of your book.

Please note: errors in book content are not covered under our returns policy. You will be sent a draft PDF copy of the book before going to print. It is your responsibility to proof read it and advise us of any errors that need to be corrected BEFORE print authorisation is given.

Payment Terms:

Advanced payment of the setup fee ($1,500 + GST) + 50% of the book printing cost is required with your order. The balance is payable once approval to print is given. Print order will be placed once your payment has cleared into our bank account. Direct Debit is our preferred payment method, but we will accept credit card payment for a 2% surcharge.

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