About Real Estate Marketing

Note: RealEstateMarketing.net.au is a More Customers 24/7 website.

More Customers 24/7 is a specialist Real Estate Marketing Consultancy focused on mentoring Real Estate agents, managers and principals to increased success, predominantly by tapping into the power of online/digital marketing.

MC24/7 came about because Eran Malloch was driven by frustration at the poor quality service, results and – in many cases – absolute lies told and sold to business owners when it comes to digital marketing, and he decided to do things better and differently from day one.

We provide coaching/mentoring services to Real Estate “entrepreneurs” who want to improve their digital footprint, grow lead generation online, become an authority in their local market space and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In addition, because of Eran’s 17.5 years in the digital marketing space, we also offer done-for-you advanced PPC advertising services (Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising + other ad networks you might never have heard of before), website design (with a focus on high conversion rates from visitor to lead), content creation and publication to help grow your authority in your market space, and video marketing and advertising services (particularly on YouTube.)

Lastly, our most powerful offering is advanced email marketing services, designed to warm up leads into sales, so that you can focus on running your business while our systems automatically operate day & night, helping prospects, leads and even clients get to know, like & trust you – AND want to do business with you when THEY are ready.

The currently-trendy term for this is “lead nurturing,” but really, it’s just a very effective way of warming up prospects so that they’ll buy from you &/or refer people to you. Old school folks call this building relationships, and the basics haven’t changed in 1000 years. However, email is just a very powerful way to achieve your goal.

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