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More Customers 24/7 is a specialist Real Estate Marketing Consultancy focused on mentoring Real Estate agents, managers and principals to increased success, predominantly by tapping into the power of online/digital marketing.

Eran Malloch

MC24/7 came about because Eran Malloch was driven by frustration at the poor quality service, results and – in many cases – absolute lies told and sold to business owners when it comes to digital marketing, and he decided to do things better and differently from day one.

We provide coaching/mentoring services to Real Estate “entrepreneurs” who want to improve their digital footprint, grow lead generation online, become an authority in their local market space and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In addition, because of Eran’s 16.5 years in the digital marketing space, we also offer done-for-you advanced PPC advertising services (Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising + other ad networks you might never have heard of before), website design (with a focus on high conversion rates from visitor to lead), content creation and publication to help grow your authority in your market space, and video marketing and advertising services (particularly on YouTube.)

Lastly, our most powerful offering is advanced email marketing services, designed to warm up leads into sales, so that you can focus on running your business while our systems automatically operate day & night, helping prospects, leads and even clients get to know, like & trust you – AND want to do business with you when THEY are ready.

The currently-trendy term for this is “lead nurturing,” but really, it’s just a very effective way of warming up prospects so that they’ll buy from you &/or refer people to you. Old school folks call this building relationships, and the basics haven’t changed in 1000 years. However, email is just a very powerful way to achieve your goal.

What Clients & Colleagues (Past & Present) Say About Eran.

Sharney Ryan Creative Director
Hilda Dhanaraj Director
Peta Leslie Training Manager
Bridget Irby Digital Marketing Strategist, Full Stack Marketer, Author & Speaker
Luciano D'Ambrogio Managing Director
James Mawhinney Director
Keith Barrot Real Estate Agent
Gavin Smithen General Manager - Sales
Sue Robson Administration Manager
Jonette Brooking Senior Account Manager
Tony Oliva Internet Marketing Consultant

Eran is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of marketing and branding but particularly in Website Development and Search Engine Marketing. Whilst I worked with Eran at ReachLocal he was always my go to person when I needed help or advice on anything.

Eran was instrumental in assisting me with setting up my marketing consultancy business and has continued to be a huge support and help.

I have recommended some of my clients to Eran for website work, and they were all thrilled with his work, which is both beautiful and functional.

Eran is always the first person to give help or advice in helping businesses grow, as that is his passion.

It was a real pleasure working with Eran at Reach [Local] and I continue to work with him in my ongoing endeavors. I am lucky enough to also call Eran my friend now as well as my colleague. I would highly recommend working with Eran, if you need anything related to Websites or Digital Marketing, as he is not only experienced and successful in everything he does, but a really honest and good person to work with.

Eran provided us with on oustanding service, listened and understood our business needs and worked an effective online campaign that produced results that exceeded our expectations.

Eran has sound product knowledge and met with us on a regular basis to ensure online campaigns were tailored to produce prompt results. We have been extremely pleased with Eran's contributions to our business success. He is meticulous and provided us with a personal service and it is with confidence that we recommend Eran to any one who wishes to utilise his services. Thank you Eran and you are very special.

Eran's expertise and specialist knowledge made him a valuable asset to his team.

His attention to detail and ability to "think outside the square" in regards to problem solving and finding better solutions for clients was outstanding.

His welcoming nature and ability to help others learn make him highly employable.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Eran Malloch regarding real estate marketing strategy and would absolutely recommend him to any agent seeking to grow their business. His knowledge and experience will be incredibly valuable to anyone who does business with him. My husband and I are re-entering the real estate world after a hiatus and Eran helped up to formulate our marketing plan for both on and offline promotion.

Eran is not only proficient in his field, but he is also a friendly person who always put in the extra effort to assist us.

Eran is one of the most respected and trusted people within the local Online Marketing industry in my opinion. He delivers on his promises, has good attention to detail, and has an excellent manner in dealing with clients. I will gladly recommend Eran many times over to anyone looking to engage his services.

As with any business today I needed a professional web site that would reflect my business and be within my budget. I was recommended to Eran Malloch and was grateful that I was. He provided the full service from establishing my domain name, the email address and built a web site that has proved to be reliable and meets the objectives set. If you are looking for any help in establishing your site I would suggest you give Eran a call.

I worked with Eran for 12 months and he was a great guy to have on the team. He showed 100% commitment to his role and was professional in everything he did. Eran has a unique ability to take difficult concepts and translate them into simple language that everyone can understand. He goes above and beyond for his clients and builds strong rapport through solid communication.

Eran was brought on board at UFSWA and Best Loans to develop our online presence. Whilst he was with us he worked tirelessly and initiated many strategies to help grow the businesses, many of which are still in place several years down the track. He certainly educated the staff and management on the way forward in Online Marketing.

Eran is a walking encyclopaedia of digital knowledge. Being in the industry for years he knows more factual information than most and knows how to run strong, high performing, result driven digital marketing campaigns.

I was privileged to work with Eran and tapped into his brain regularly to understand the dynamic digital industry. Eran's finger is always on the pulse and there is little he doesn't know or understand about digital media.

I 100% endorse Eran and his capabilities. He would be an asset to any business.

Eran is the oracle of knowledge when is comes to online marketing & all things Digital. I worked with Eran at ReachLocal and he helped all of us immensely and still does.