How Do You Stand Out From The Crowd Of Real Estate Agents Who All Look And Sound The Same To Their Potential Clients?

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Greetings world. It’s Eran here from And today is day one of 30 days of going live [on Facebook] where I’m going to be answering the big questions that I get asked on a regular basis from real estate agents about marketing and or digital marketing. So this is partly to get myself, get my ass off the, uh, the bench and do more lobsters. I’ve been telling other people to do it and haven’t been doing it myself, but it’s also to make sure that I get out there and give value to my prospective audience. So every day for the next 30 days, I will be going live probably in the evening, maybe seven, eight o’clock. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m up pop in a few times in the evenings during the mornings and dote as well.

Certainly. Today’s question is, and I got asked this the other day by a gentleman and I can’t remember his name, but he said to me as a real estate agent, everybody looks in sales the same. We all say the same things. We all talk about the same things. How do I actually stand out in the crowd so that people know, like, and trust me, I had some fantastic question. you know the number one thing that will help you be more successful than anything else that’s a real estate agent or as any kind of business and sales professional is having an audience that knows, likes and trusts you. and you don’t want the, there’s two ways to do that. Number one is don’t be like everyone else that the hood, okay, the hood follows the later and sometimes the late has got the wise crossed.

They don’t know what they’re doing, what they’re talking about, any of that kind of stuff. So everyone goes out and follows them and then usually like tweak it a little bit just for their own preferences and tights. And it’s a bit like that Chinese whispers guy and you know, a hundred people down the line, it bay is no resemblance to reality and what works. So first thing first, don’t do what everyone else is doing. If your competitors are not where you want to be, don’t copy them. Do the opposite. Almost. number two, uh, one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd is to be yourself. Like, hi. Now I know in styles it’s the, there’s that temptation to put on these fabulous front-end, have everything scripted and perfect and look lot, we know it old. But you know what? At the end of the day, when you’re in a sales situation in front of a client or you’re on the phone to a client, typically your self is going to come out anyway.

So your models will just be yourself. And that’s what people like about you. And some people don’t like that about you and other people do like that about you. Hey, panned a long time. No, see, good to see a Kiddo. so be yourself. Don’t try and be somebody else. you know, in my market, there are some of the big names out there in my space. You know, Tom Panels, uh, playing twiddle, Josh called, they just, a few of the people that I compete against are me. I’m not them, so I’m not trying to be them. so that’s the first thing you have to end. The beauty of that is that you will appeal to people that you, that like you anyway, you know you. There is no way be the only way you can be perfect and loved by everyone is probably to stand on the corner and hand out a hundred dollar notes.

And even then some people will look at me on, oh, what are you up to? You’re trying to trick me into something. Do you Boston stole that? So you might not get all a hundred people in there. So you get the people that like you be yourself. My third tip for that is answer questions. So here’s the thing, as professionals in whatever career, whether you’re a marketing person, a lot myself or a real estate agent, or you’re a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant or a garbage truck driver, you have expertise and knowledge in your field. And people have questions about that. Now, whether it’s they have questions because they’re curious or whether it’s questions because they actually need to know the answer to for some reason. Go and share those answers. Sustainable or real estate agents going out there and going, hi, what a number one and you should hire us because we’re the best and I’ve sold 54 properties in the last three days and the best price was 20% over market and Blah, blah.

This, that. Now they’re all a bunch of big jam artists. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. just answer questions that people have about buying and selling real estate. So for example, I know you all see agents don’t like to talk about buyers. You’ll want sellers cause that’s where the money is. But buyers buy homes. So if you’ve got a home for sale in your suburb or you are trying to sign up vendor potential vendor up and your suburb, then tell potential vies about why they would want to live in your suburb. You know what’s good about it? So I only use my suburb as an example. I live in a a pit suburb, probably about 10 minutes drive from the city. And it has the weirdest naming as all of Australia – Innaloo – as in “in a toilet!” Yes, there is a real suburb with that name and I live in it!

So if I was selling real estate in Innaloo, which I’m not, but I’ve got a real estate office next door to me that does, then I would be telling them about, for example, well number one, these are really great movies. Cinema have about half a kilometre that way. One of the big events cinema, so lots of cinemas there. A couple of really good, I feel like Indian food, there’s like four great restaurants nearby to where I live in, in Aloo. So you’ve got plenty of choice to go there. You’ve got a great shopping centre down the road – the Westfield Innaloo shopping centre. They all that stuff is great and want gonna move into an area where like to know what the shops and the facilities are around the area.

Then I’ll say, okay, well where I live, literally around the corner, there’s this cool little cafe. and I do breakfasts and lunches, mostly Cold Cup and cone. Now they started up a couple of years ago and run by two guys that used to work in a restaurant together. Great Food, great service, and really cool to have something like that in a suburb. I’ve never believed in a suburb where I’ve had something like that around the corner. If you want to have a great breakfast in the morning, on a Saturday to chill breakfast, they can literally walk two minutes around the corner to this place, sit down. If you have a dog, he can bring the dog in. They happy to have the dog sit outside in his water there and they’re very pet friendly, all that kind of stuff. I’ve never tried to bring a cat. so you know, great location, great food, great service.

If you’ve got kids who want to go to school, you’ve got a great couple of great schools within five minutes, Wolf from here. if five minutes from the beach, look, there’s so many cool things about living in [inaudible]. If you know anything about this suburb Taino 20 years ago used to be a homes west, suburbs, uh, there were, uh, it was, full, the lowest socioeconomic part, real world, or government housing. And now it’s definitely not that. It’s a very, very nice place to live and it’s a fantastic location. So I would have no problems in telling potential home buyers in, in Aloo about why they would want to live in Nema. Like before I stopped telling them about a house, get them sold on the home, the suburb, but panda looking to buy a home in the next three months in carbon, that weld years.

So I guess it depends on how people pronounce that one. no worries mate. if you need a real estate agent that they let me know, I’m sure I can hook you up with somebody. so, you know, just to answer questions people have about living in the area, buying in the area, the schools in the area, the accommodation, the transportation, the crime, right? If you’ve got a good car, your crime rate’s not bad. If it’s a terrible crime, right? Maybe not, you know, future changes. So I like where we are in, in lieu the shopping centre, which is, you know, like probably five to 10 minutes slow walk from where I live. They completely revamping putting in a building or rebuilding it completely. They’re gonna put a movie cinema in and all sorts of stuff. So, and another couple of years when this is finished, it’s gonna be an amazing shopping centre, a bit like maybe Carousel, which they’ve done up some amazing stuff to the last few years.

So I was thinking about buying in in lieu now’s a great time to get in man, because that’s kind of like really good either day when that’s available, it’s going to raise the property values. So when you go to sell it in five or 10 or 20 years, that’s going to help as well. in terms of selling your house, you know, I look, every real estate agent has, uh, gets asked questions all the time about selling my house. You know, when’s the best time that, so what should, what’s the price of my home? What’s my home worth, I should say? What things should I do to improve the value of Miami and I, should I rent a bite the time? Should I put in a new kitchen and a new bathroom? you know, not go at least that long some way. I just can’t remember them all.

But you could easily come up with Elisa, goes through your phone, get your text message, your text, step your SMSF, look the questions being asked by potential clients. Goes through your inbox in your st polar in your, computer. Pull out all these questions and start answering them. Jump on a Facebook, GLAAD, do it, lock on doing it and just push it out to the marketplace. It’s a great way to help you stand out from the crowd because unfortunately Lockwood or the, uh, Roy, Roy Morgan, I think it was Doug does a survey each year of professions or occupations that people trust. I think the last one I did was a couple of years ago. I’m not sure what I’m done. One in the last two years. Real estate agents, uh, third from the Bolton and politicians and union officials are above them. Yeah. Take that Mike, that of what up that you, what you will.

So as an agent, you have one of the easiest ways for you to stand out in the credit is not to be, uh, a cocky on. So good. Look at me, look at my Rolex Watch, look at my BMW, look how hot I am kind of thing. It just be a normal human being and offer the whole people. And that’s like the easiest thing in the world to do. not everyone can do that. So anyway, ladies and Jane’s, that is made done full day. One stick around is 20 Moda, 20 million, not 29 more days to go. I’m going to keep fluff on this stuff, but what the heck? if you have any questions, throw them in the chat and I will come back to you in a future, future, live. Otherwise, I’m, I have a fantastic day, ladies and gents. All right. See you later.

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