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10 Ways Becoming a Real Estate Agent Changes Your Life

You all have your reasons for why you got into real estate. For some, it’s the freedom of not having a 9-5 job tying you down all week. For others, it’s a true passion for helping people find their next home. Whatever the reason, you all go into the business with hopes and dreams. Of […]

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The #1 Reason For Success Or Failure In Real Estate

Earlier today I asked a local real estate agent about how things were going for her. This agent then proceeded to spend 20 minutes complaining to me about everything that was wrong with the industry. She told me: The local (Perth) market was “in recession.” That Perth was too small to sell real estate in. […]

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Real Estate Agents: 10 Advantages To Having Your Own Website

It goes without saying that pretty well every single Real Estate agency has their own website. However, it’s definitely not common for individual agents to have their own site, and that’s costing them a lot of money. So, here are 10 major advantages to having your own website: 1) Your own website allows you to […]

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