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Real Estate Video Marketing Tips In Depth

As you already know, video is a huge part of digital and social media marketing in this day, and there are SOOOO many resources available that it would be overwhelming to include them all in just 1 blog post, so I have decided to “break out” the subject into its own separate blog post with […]

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An Introduction To Tripods For Real Estate Agents

Transcription: Howdy Authority Agent Academy agents, principals, brokers and all the rest of you in Real Estate. In this video I wanted to take five or ten minutes and just show you the basics of tripods. It’s the one thing I haven’t had a chance to record a video of properly yet. So, I wanted […]

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Shoot Your Own Listing Videos With Your Smartphone

Every single agent carries around a video camera, editing studio and marketing MACHINE in their smartphone. Whether you’re still struggling along with an ancient iPhone 4 or an early-model Samsung Galaxy Droid phone or you have the newest, bestest, hottest phone on the market, you have amazing power in your hands that wasn’t available 10 […]

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